Uh… No!

Red Zone

I have maintained my dating profiles on both OKC and Match, but I have been a slack ass at dating in 2015. Work, writing, and work… have eaten up my available time. Plus I am packing to move… an overwhelming and unwanted task after over 10 years in my home. C’est la vie though…I still get to do it.

This year, unlike last, I respond every now and then to guys who seem to fit my wish list. At this point, I have met a sum total of 2 guys this year thanks to OKC and Match. I’m slacking… or helllll it might be aging.  😦

I’ve managed a few message/chat exchanges on the sites, but nothing has built to a meeting situation… even at the closest Starbucks.  I just don’t have time unless they fit the maybe tilt of the attraction meter.

Tonight my phone sounded a steady buzz with incoming crap… posts from the Facebook whores.  Where’s the turn that shit off button? Oh yeah…. NOT ON THE PHONE!!!   I must log in to extricate myself from the onslaughts.  ULTRA LIBERAL… ULTRA CONSERVATIVE crazy making, over-sharers.   And then calm… quiet… back to oh yeah the awful, whiny emails from desperate students near the end of the term… or semester.

Then I heard another buzzzz… one slightly different from Facebook… Glancing at my phone, I expected Words With Friends, but nope… it was OKC, and I checked it.

The message was from a kid my son went to school with… not college, not high school, not even middle school… this was a 5th grade acquaintance of my son.  I didn’t recognize him, but he recognized me…. and over shared.  Blech….. Delete, block, and puke a bit.  Oy Vey!


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