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Uh… No!

Red Zone

I have maintained my dating profiles on both OKC and Match, but I have been a slack ass at dating in 2015. Work, writing, and work… have eaten up my available time. Plus I am packing to move… an overwhelming and unwanted task after over 10 years in my home. C’est la vie though…I still get to do it.

This year, unlike last, I respond every now and then to guys who seem to fit my wish list. At this point, I have met a sum total of 2 guys this year thanks to OKC and Match. I’m slacking… or helllll it might be aging.  😦

I’ve managed a few message/chat exchanges on the sites, but nothing has built to a meeting situation… even at the closest Starbucks.  I just don’t have time unless they fit the maybe tilt of the attraction meter.

Tonight my phone sounded a steady buzz with incoming crap… posts from the Facebook whores.  Where’s the turn that shit off button? Oh yeah…. NOT ON THE PHONE!!!   I must log in to extricate myself from the onslaughts.  ULTRA LIBERAL… ULTRA CONSERVATIVE crazy making, over-sharers.   And then calm… quiet… back to oh yeah the awful, whiny emails from desperate students near the end of the term… or semester.

Then I heard another buzzzz… one slightly different from Facebook… Glancing at my phone, I expected Words With Friends, but nope… it was OKC, and I checked it.

The message was from a kid my son went to school with… not college, not high school, not even middle school… this was a 5th grade acquaintance of my son.  I didn’t recognize him, but he recognized me…. and over shared.  Blech….. Delete, block, and puke a bit.  Oy Vey!



Red Zone

I really must get some of my stories up here… before senility occurs and I forget.

However, today’s match suggestion included a man named KitchenDesigner2014.  What woman wouldn’t swoon… and when I scanned his profile, I didn’t learn much at all.  Ho hum…. He’s straight, 46, and 5’10”. That means he’s like hundreds of others.   One older photo graces his page.  Stilllllll this guy knows how to lay out the bait. His name alone made me look. 😉