Cosmo Help for Dating

Red Zone

Last week I visited Orange and TW at work. They showed the following video.

Both suggested I try these Cosmo flirting tips. Orange and I did a few run throughs of the hair flipping. Static electricity made mine cling to my face. NOT flirty, I would think. Then we did THE STARE on TW. Laughter….Would Cosmo find this an acceptable response ?

Licking a crumb??? Here I must agree with one of the women from the video. This would make me look like I cannot eat like an adult; however, it’s winter, my lips are dry… I could lick them. I forgot to practice that one with Orange and TW… I think I’ll need feedback before taking it live.

Wellll  today will be my first meet and greet après Cosmo’s advice…  I won’t be grabbing ass, but for kicks, I am going to try the hair thing… and maybe the lean in too close. J

Look for a follow-up post.


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