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First Flirting Foray

Red Zone

On Friday, I girded my loins and readied myself to meet my first victim date. It was time to try the Cosmo tips.

I walked into Starbucks, and saw THE  victim Guy facing me.  He looked like his photos: Tall, bald, blue-eyed, and fit. Such a relief! My waiting chair faced him at 6:00 to his 12:00.  I wanted to try to “lean in close and do a slow 3 count,” a la Cosmo’s recommendation.  However, I recognized the table height meant my boobs would take front and center stage if I sat across from him.  I wanted to test the technique… not boob dazzle him.

“I’m going to move the chair over here, so I can hear you better.” I scooched my chair to  his left… and in prime reach of the lean and stare flirting technique.   He smiled warmly.

We chatted amiably about the neighborhood… apparently we are very close to being neighbors. We moved easily into discussing workouts. He lifts and does yoga. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.  I like fitness.

Our conversation was moving along nicely, so it was time to try the technique.  I had narrowed it down to the following option: move in close for a S-L-O-W 3 count, and then slowly return to my place.  I took a deep breath… and made my move.  His big, blue eyes held mine…but not for a S-L-O-W  3 count… he smiled, just a little, and slanted his eyes up and to the right. His upper torso tilted away a bit too.  I couldn’t hold it in.  I giggled.  He zeroed back in.

I gave up the secret and told him what I had done.  He laughed, “I wondered! That’s awesome!” We moved back to chitchat.

The date ended with a walk to my car, a pleasant hug, and a promise to meet the following week.  I watched him as he strolled away.  Nice ass, but I didn’t grab it.


Cosmo Help for Dating

Red Zone

Last week I visited Orange and TW at work. They showed the following video.

Both suggested I try these Cosmo flirting tips. Orange and I did a few run throughs of the hair flipping. Static electricity made mine cling to my face. NOT flirty, I would think. Then we did THE STARE on TW. Laughter….Would Cosmo find this an acceptable response ?

Licking a crumb??? Here I must agree with one of the women from the video. This would make me look like I cannot eat like an adult; however, it’s winter, my lips are dry… I could lick them. I forgot to practice that one with Orange and TW… I think I’ll need feedback before taking it live.

Wellll  today will be my first meet and greet après Cosmo’s advice…  I won’t be grabbing ass, but for kicks, I am going to try the hair thing… and maybe the lean in too close. J

Look for a follow-up post.