Monthly Archives: January 2015


I remain behind on stories, and I didn’t date or write much over the Christmas season; however, I am somewhat back on track now.

A few weeks before Christmas, I met #88 for tea/coffee at my favorite, also known as closest to me, Starbucks. I arrived right on time, and walked in. To my left, an older man with a full head of white hair looked at me expectantly.  Ummmm no… I distinctly remembered this guy I was meeting was either bald or had shaved his head. I walked to the counter to order tea: AWAKE! And as it is the season, like a Boy Scout, I picked up a couple of gift cards, to be prepared.

I heard my name called, and turned to see date #87 sipping something and chatting with a woman. I walked over to say hi, as he’d called me… and then realized they were on a meet and greet. AWKWARD.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Same as you,” I spied #88 as we were chatting… MUCH older looking than his photos and WAY shorter. Sigh!

I leaned in to whisper, “Yeah… this one isn’t going to work out.”

As I have mentioned in the past, I have height filters set on both OKC and Match to avoid those under 5’9”….knowing full well that a few guys who are 5’ 8 or 9 will list themselves as 5’10”.  A while back, I changed the lower height to 5’11” to mitigate these exaggerations.  I cannot help to whom I am attracted… no one can… But well, in this case, not attracted. 5’9” is about my cut point. I don’t know why…and I’ve tried working around it… No GO!

As I walked over to sit with #88, who had selected a cozy two-seater near the bathrooms, I wondered how long I’d need to stay for the sake of politeness. A beautiful, blonde, twenty-something called his name, and joined our conversation just as I sat down. They knew each other from Warings Gym, but he hadn’t seen her in months. She seemed more interesting than #88.  :/   Ooops… but I’ve been described by my gay friends as “the straightest person I know,” so that wasn’t going to work for me. As they chatted, I noticed #87 finalize his meet and greet. I texted him to save me with a phone call, and a few minutes later, he complied. However, I had blown his meet and greet.  I apologized via text. I may have to treat this very nice man to a beer and pizza to repay that little mess.