19 Reasons not to Date Online

Red Zone

My original thought was to provide 10, but this week’s offers have added to the list.

#1 – 4: The VERY young looking for cougars….whether they say so or not. 

19 really                                           cougar

another 20 something                                         cougar2

Note #4’s blacked out screen… yep.. only 25, in a relationship, and already planning to cheat.

#5 – 7 The youngish looking for “fun.” Let me guess the meaning of “fun” in this context.  

for fun


I am twice his age! “Sweet girl?”

not you              Let me analyze this photo. He’s from MD, but his message arrived in the height of summer. The blurry photo indicates a wife/girlfriend. With or without kiddies, he was here on vaca and he wanted a little side action. I am sure this message was sent out scatter-shot.

8-10. The young and partially clothed. 

young 3youngyoung 4

I might have brought these on myself.  My profile clearly states I am looking for a fit guy. However, I do mention that intelligence comes first.

I love that Chris, in the message attached with the final photo, let’s me know he has his own place.  Just in case I’m secretly married, or could it be I might be ashamed of bringing such a young, fit stud to my place? He’s also looking for “fun now.” Again, in this context, it isn’t to difficult to define “fun.”

11-14. Older guys are no better

Allmeforu56 has sent a clearly much copied introduction with which he hopes to lure some woman to his yahoo account. The photo shows him holding a child… to allow the reader to see him as a family man?  I forget where he said he was from, but I saved the photo as: Distance is no Object, so…. far, far away.

distance no object

hi dearie

“Dearie?” Who uses that term?  A skeezy guy trying to lure the naive to his attic to view etchings? The child molester offering candy and asking for help finding a lost puppy?

And the next guy… face shot to the left, and one of his other shots on the right. I bet he would like to meet for the learning experience.

Im what                                       i am what 2


And there’s this guy:

im too sexy for my shirt

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt/ so sexy it hurts” …. my eyes to look.

15. Not quite sure what he’s looking for. Yeah… this is one guy. 


Perhaps he seeks a seamstress to help with costuming?   

16. Cleavage shot

hey baby connect the tattoos

One of my friends who saw this shot noted he has more cleavage than she does. And face it… this guy is WAY too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shirt.

(mwhahahahaha I had never seen this video before. )  

17. Father and daughter?  Girlfriend and boyfriend? Husband and wife?

hair and not to be all judgy and shit… but THAT hair?

18. Sigh…

I MUST pay more attention before conversing.  Loverboyyyy4u… Why did I bother responding to someone with that name?  OK… I’ll admit it.  I only looked at his photos, thought, “cute,” and then replied to his very sane and articulate initial message. The following 32 messages were innocuous introductory fluff… and then … What the Hell?

sugar what

19. and finally, the Pièce de Resistance: double sigh and a huffy breath too!  


I am not looking for a guy with facial tattoos. Who knew I needed to state that?


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