Unemployed and loving it!

Mr. St. Patrick’s Day has this statement on his profile: Unemployed and loving it! After our meet and greet Monday night, he called Tuesday and Wednesday. He is interesting to talk to, we laugh a lot, and he asks me out for this Saturday night. He is currently unemployed and learning cake decorating as food prep is his secret passion. As a foodie myself, I am intrigued. Steel Blue is always a willing guinea pig for new recipes. We touch base one more time and pick Buffalo Wild Wings since it is a median location between our homes. On Saturday, he leaves me a message while I am working that he is trying all he can to figure out a way for us to go out tonight; call when I get home. I call Mr. St. Patrick’s Day on my way home from work to find out that he cannot afford to take me out tonight. I am disappointed, but I assured him that we could try again the following weekend. We are in no hurry; developing a friendship takes time, and we have plenty of time. But in the course of our 7 minute conversation, he brings up the lack of money two more times. Is he hinting for me to offer to pay? Now I am questioning his motive. Is he looking for a sugar mama? I am a public servant; sugar mama is not in my vocabulary, or my bank account.  I figure time will tell, right? Right. No word since. Steel Blue is assuming he is still unemployed and loving it, while Steel Blue is employed and loving it. Next.


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